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Recent Books by Center Graduates

This is a selection of recent book publications by Center for Writers graduates, along with an occasional note about awards won. The Center is proud to help new writers find their voices, and to find publication, when that time comes. These graduates of the Center for Writers, among many others, have distinguished themselves in the literary community, and we are pleased to be able to give them notice here.

Anthony Neil Smith

Psychosomatic. Point Blank Books. Fall 2005.

Marcy Dermansky

Twins. New York, William Morrow. October 2005.

Leilani Hall

Swimming the Witch.  Cherry Grove Collections. May 2005.

James Whorton, Jr.

Frankland. New York, Free Press, 2005
Approximately Heaven
. New York, Free Press, 2003

J. Madison Davis

Law & Order: Dead Line
The Van Gogh Conspiracy
The Vertigo Murders. New York, I Books, March 2002
Murderous Schemes (ed.)
And the Angels Sing
Bloody Marko
White Rook

Victor Gischler

Gun Monkeys
Poets. New York: Delacorte Press, 2004
Suicide Squeeze
. New York: Delacorte Press, 2005

Jean-Marc Sens

Appetite (poems). Los Angeles, The Red Hen Press, 2004

Matt Morris

Nearing Narcoma (poems).
Winner of the 2003 Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award

Ross Gresham

Leap of the Heart: Andre Dubus Talking. New Orleans, Xavier Review Press, 2003

Steven Carter

I Was Howard Hughes. New York, Bloomsbury USA, 2003

Victoria Lancelotta

Here In the World. New York, Counterpoint Press, 2003
. New York, Counterpoint Press, 2003
Transatlantic Award Winner

Michael Knight

Divining Rod
Goodnight, Nobody.
New York, Atlantic Monthly Press, 2003
Winner, 1996 Playboy Fiction Award

John Holman

Luminous Mysteries

Ben Neihart

Hey Joe
Burning Girl
Rough Amusements.
New York, Bloomsbury USA, 2003

Andy Plattner

Winter Money
Flannery O'Connor Award Winner

James Kimbrell

The Gatehouse Heaven
Three Poets of Modern Korea
Whiting Award Winner

Greg Mulcahy

Out of Work

John Henry Fleming

The Legend of the Barefoot Mailman


The Poetry of Place
Plug In
Writing That Matters

Julie Fleming

Moving Lila

Paul Ruffin

Paul Ruffin

Ruffin has published two novels, two collections of stories, five books of poetry, and a book of essays, and has edited or co-edited eight other books. He is 1997 Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters Poetry Award winner, Editor of The Texas Review, and Director of the Texas Review Press

T.R. Hummer

Lower Class Heresy
Angelic Orders

David Breeden

Another Number
Surviving the Coup
. Greensboro, NC: March Street Press, 2003.
., December 2000.
The Guiltless Traveler
.  March Street Press, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1996.
Building A Boat
.  March Street Press, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1995.  
Double Headed End Wrench
. Bristol, Indiana: The Cloverdale Press, 1992.
Hey, Schliemann
. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 1990.
.  Arlington, Virginia: Black Buzzard Press, 1985.

Tony Markham

The Jaxon Files

Jeanne Lebow

The Outlaw James Copeland and the Champion-Belted Empress
Fulbright Scholar



Center for Writers graduates live and work all over the country, and they work at all kinds of jobs, many teaching and writing, many in other capacities for which they were well (or not so well) prepared by their time at the Center.  We are trying to find them all but it is a difficult and time-consuming project. There are hundreds of graduates; here are the first few who have responded to our mass mailings.

M.A. graduate Scott Bailey recently received a Fellowship to the New York University M.F.A. program. His work has appeared in the anthologies, Bend, Don't Shatter, which was nominated for The Stonewall Book Award (Soft Skull Press), and in Poetic Voices Without Borders (Gival Press) and In Our Own Words--A Generation Defining Itself (MWE Enterprises). His translations of Juan Carlos Galeano have recently appeared in Poetry International and Prism International.

Steve Carter has been teaching at Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky, since finishing the program.  His first novel, I Was Howard Hughes, was published in fall 2003 by Bloomsbury USA.

Tracy Heinlein graduated in 1997 and now lives in the Pacific Northwest and working for the Seattle Community College District and Central Washington University, and as faculty advisor to the North Seattle CC Licton Springs Review (paper and ezine: She's working on a collection of short stories, set on the Washington coast, discovering the ways we die. Most recent publication “Of Course” in Crosscurrents (literary magazine of Washington State community college faculty).

John Hughes has a contract with Edwin Mellen Press to publish his dissertation, probably under the title "The Fiction of Frederick Barthelme."  He is a professor of English at Valencia Community College in Orlando. 

Lynette Ledoux. I'm currently in the final stages of revising a novel called We Got Your Money, Mr. President.  I've been working with an agent for almost a year, and he'll start trying to sell it come mid-September. On the employment end of things, I'm teaching composition as an adjunct at Dillard University in New Orleans.  I'll let you know when and if my novel sells.

John Minichillo lives in Chattanooga with his wife and is an assistant professor of English at Middle Tennessee State University.  He's currently seeking representation for a first novel.

W.T. Pfefferle and his wife spent the past year traveling the country in a 30 foot motorhome interviewing 62 American poets for a new book, Poets on Place (Utah State University Press 2005). Excerpts have been appearing in Poets & Writers magazine.

Paul Rankin reports, I left Mississippi for a teaching job a Pikes Peak Community College (Colorado Springs), where I taught and was eventually appointed Writing Center Director.  I have since left that job because it was whatever the opposite is of conducive to writing, and now I'm teaching online classes (again) and (also again) trying to finish a novel, though to date it's not under contract or anywhere close.

Heidi Rosenberg.  My latest publication was a story in Pearl ("Off an Exit" in their Fiction 2003 issue).  I also did a poetry reading for Wisconsin Public Radio this year on their show "Spectrum West."  I am in a tenure-track position in English and Creative Writing here at the University of Wisconsin-Barron County.  I teach composition and creative writing.  Except the 40 degrees below 0 in January, I really love it here."

C. Vince Samarco is at Saginaw Valley State, where he's been teaching for several years. He has a collection of short-short stories "The Thinning Heart of Our Labor:  25 Very Short Stories about a Life From Detroit" (Mayapple Press) coming next spring.  He is also co-editing a collection of essays about the lives of academics who come from the working and under-class. That collection, also scheduled for spring, is "Reflections from the Wrong Side of the Tracks:  Class, Identity, and the Working Class Experience in Academe" (Rowman and Littlefield).  He's also in the process of co-editing an American Lit anthology that is under contract with a publisher in China and will be translated and marketed only in China.  Tentative publication date for that is 2006. 

Rusty Spell.  I am a Lecturer at The University of Texas - Pan American in Edinburg, TX.  A picture, if you need one:  Today I had trouble opening a bag of potato chips, so I had to use scissors.  But I got potato grease or whatever on the scissors, so I had to run them in the sink and I cut my finger.  Which was fine, since I got to use the Elmo bandages I bought two years ago and never got a chance to use. I considered getting digital cable recently, but the regular cable at the apartment here is paid for so it's sort of a waste of money for what essentially boils down to me wanting classic VH-1 and the Independent Film Channel.  And I've got ants.  I left Texas for about a month and when I came back, there were some ants.  Not like a zillion, but enough to bite me at least once a day.  That guitar pick over there is kind of dirty from when it fell on the dirty floor at the club--perhaps I'll just throw it away.


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