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The Magazines We Publish

The Center for Writers publishes a respected national literary magazine, the Mississippi Review, and a student-edited literary magazine called Product. We also offer a course in publishing and the profession. While we are primarily devoted to the development of our students as artists, we nevertheless see participation in the literary culture, and specifically publishing, giving readings, and attending conferences, as extremely important to the comprehensive shaping of our students as writers.

Mississippi Review

MR has been said to be among the finest literary magazines of the moment. Below are some covers of recent print issues, including: a collection of short fiction by new writers selected in 2002 by Rick Moody; a special omnibus issue on Hamlet guest edited by the poet David Berry in 2003; an issue on the poets of the New York School, edited in 2004 by poet and Center faculty member Angela Ball; several of our annual "Mississippi Review Prize" issues, selected by writers such as the late Veronica Geng, Thom Jones, Padgett Powell, Lucie Brock-Broido; our 2004 "Politics & Religion" issue, including pieces by Bill Moyers, Noam Chomsky, Michael Lerner, and many others. We have cultivated a irredeemably disheveled look in our covers which, from time to time, we regret profoundly. But in the content department we regret very little. MR is always a lively magazine, always offbeat, not readily pigeonholed.


Mississippi Review has published and continues to publish National Book Award winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, National Book Critics Circle winners as well as new writers just beginning their publishing careers. The magazine has been recognized with Pushcart Prize winners and pieces republished in Best American Short Stories and Best American Poetry. It’s a magazine which Ann Beattie characterized as “Among the best small magazines being published,” and which Raymond Carver, who was an occasional contributor, described as “one of the most remarkable and indispensable literary journals of our time.” Long-time Southern writer David Madden commented that “Mississippi Review has become a vital and significant publication, as good as any, and right here in the South, right there in Mississippi.” And the Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Charles Simic, himself a contributor to MR, said, “Mississippi Review is probably one of the best magazines in the country.” Finally, the late John Hawkes, former head of the writing program at Brown University and a remarkable writer and prize winner in his own right, said, “Yours is among the truly sustaining literary publications in the country today.”


Mississippi Review Prize issues

Every year we run a national contest in fiction and poetry.  The Mississippi Review Prize offers awards of $1000 for the winning story and the winning poem(s). The contest begins April 1 each year and the deadline for submission is October 1 each year. Winners and finalists (usually two or three dozen stories and poems) are published in print editions of Mississippi Review. The competition is open to all U.S. writers except current or former students and employees of USM. For details of the current contest, click Mississippi Review Prize.

Among the oldest and most popular literary magazines on the Web, was established in early 1995 as a site for the publication of fine literary writing. Drawing on Mississippi Review archives, and on fresh material from well known writers as well as emerging talents, the online version of Mississippi Review shares some of its content with the print magazine. As of 2004, the magazine has more than six hundred stories and poems online, work by such writers as Thom Jones, Ben Marcus, Francine Prose, Padgett Powell, Barry Hannah, Tom Drury, Elizabeth Gilbert, Rick Bass, Ben Neihart, and from newer writers like Brian Oberkirch, Michael Dermansky, Courtney Eldridge, David Ryan, Laurie O'Brien, Jaime Clarke, Stacey Richter, Susan Hubbard, Larry French. It is a magazine that was recently referenced in Writer’s Digest as the fifth most important and influential on-line publication. Art enough to strangle you, so take it easy.



Product is the literary magazine of the Center for Writers. Click the magazine covers below for recent issues of stories and poems from the workshops at the Center. These are Adobe Acrobat files, printable or readable onscreen. Best at 1024x768 resolution or better. These collections of stories and poems from the workshops at the Center for Writers are edited and published by Center students. Each is about a two minute download at 56K and requires Acrobat Reader.



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